I am a Vedic astrologer, yoga teacher, Professional Trainer (Myers-Briggs Etc) and Baker!. I am inspired to write when the muse moves me. The topics vary but are generally within this realm of yoga, art, astrology and the nature of consciousness and how humans live this life individually and in groups.

New Fall Classes

                                YOGA FOR THE MIND


Many people don’t realize that yoga is a whole life system.  It has what are called “8 Limbs” of which the physical exercises are number 3.  Come and explore the rest of yoga.  Experience practices that will help you feel happy all day long and bring health and well being to you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  We will begin to explore meditation, concentration, dream interpretation and healing chants.  Make a commitment to your health and well being.  Join us at

Sky High Studio

23 Leighton Road, Augusta

6 Monday Nights Starting September 15 from 6-7:30pm

$ 72 for the series- Payment required to reserve space

FMI 207-446-5999 or

Laura Hamilton is a certified yoga teacher, a Vedic Astrologer and owns her own Company that specializes in Organizational Development from a holistic perspective, Integrated Systems Consulting.  She has been teaching yoga in the Augusta area for ten years.

Miracles and Medals

 I haven’t had time to write although I did post pictures of the medallion that appeared next to my bed.  I have had to explain myself numerous times so here is the story ;)

Each morning I wake up go down stairs to make a cup of tea and return to bed.  On this morning I did just that.  As I returned to my bedside I lifted my coaster and there were two coasters stuck together.  Odd, but no big deal.  As the coasters came apart this medallion fell to the floor.  I picked it up and the o-ring disintegrated and fell off.  It was covered in grime.  I had never seen this thing before.  I took it into the bathroom and scrubbed it a bit and could see it was an angel medal.  Unbelievable.  I showed it to my family.  My husband thought I was mistaken and had lost it at some point.  But a woman knows what jewelry she owns and I know I have never owned this, as does he really.  After 25 years he’s pretty familiar with what I wear. 

Yesterday I took it to the jeweler and had it cleaned and an o-ring put on it.  I looked at it under a magnifying glass and saw it read “Archangel Raphael Pray for us”  So there it is friends. 

I haven’t put to much thought into it because I am use to the Angels talking to me.  Lets face it once you get use to voices talking to you it isn’t a big jump to materialization of objects.

I have said before that the Angel practices are some of the most powerful I have ever experienced.  I have been a dedicated Catholic and utilized that system, I have spent time with Buddhists and of course taught yoga for ten years and practiced longer. But when I was directed to working with angel meditations I experienced fast and lasting change. In putting this medal around my neck I have come home to myself.  I am dedicated and clear.

What has this newest ”miracle” brought me?  Somehow  it affirms me as a healer. Archangel  Raphael is the healing angel.  I am a healer.  I have  never considered myself that.  It has never been a desire or a goal.  Of course I never wanted to be a yoga teacher either.  It just kind of happened.  And I had dream telling me to pursue both the Meyers-Briggs and astrology.  Oh, no, a voice told me to pursue MBTI training in the middle of my Mother’s living room on a trip to Florida once :)  All in all this latest experience has brought me home to myself more firmly as a spiritual being incarnate to be of service to others.  Pretty much the same as yesterday and the day before but with a little shot of validation :)

Angel Medal that appeared next to my bed cleaned up

Angel Medal that appeared next to my bed. Archangel Raphael

GF Baking Hiatus and lots of new happenings

The Sun and Mercury are in the tenth house of career today in the sign of Gemini.  Gemini rules communication.  Mercury is still retrograde so cleaning things up and laying plans is the thing to be doing in relation to your career/vocation.  Don’t negotiate or set new contracts until after Mercury turns direct on July 2nd, but certainly set goals and take time to really dream big.  Partaking in professional development is also an excellent endeavor.

To that end ~I have decided to not bake this summer.  The Gluten Free Baker is on hiatus.  I have a lot of other projects that need to be focused on.  I also require a solid month to process my gardens and don’t want to be stressed about not having time.

One of my projects is developing a new yoga series that I will be teaching at Maine Integrative Healthcare in Manchester.  I have decided to release Tuesday night yoga class at the Senator to the very capable hands of Randy so I can shift focus to this program. 

This will be very different from the yoga classes at the Senator.  (I will still be teaching there Thurs nights & Tues/Thurs/Sat mornings)  The new classes will be six week series with specific focus.  I am torn between starting with a chanting series or an anxiety management series.  Maybe you all can weigh in with your votes on that? :)  My driving passion with this work is to help people learn to master their internal environments so they can succeed externally.  I really want to reach teens and another population, those who have survived sexual assault as well as the general population.  My oath as a yoga teacher is to relieve suffering and that is the aim of this work as well as the corporate work.

So all this is in the making.  I of course can’t make any agreements about the space in Manchester until after July 2nd :)  But I will keep you posted.  My instincts tell me we will be starting the last week of July.

Meanwhile my training partner Rose & I are picking up more Corporate trainings for Integrated Systems.  Here the focus is the same.  Helping groups learn to function at their best most creative capacity by teaching group process, Myers-Briggs and Yoga all in one synergistic training company.  We LOVE this work too.


Oh and then of course there are the astrology reading and my art studio which I have made an absolute commitment to.  I am determined to paint or sculpt at least 30 minutes every day.  I am also going to the live drawing class at the Harlow Sunday nights 7pm come hell or high water :)  In case anyone else wants to come :)

Then there are friends and family to see and love.  So many lovely things to be doing!  I am a very lucky woman.  I will keep you all up to date as things move along. 

Namaste, Peace,

Laura Hamilton
Vedic Astrologer & Private Yoga Instructor
Corporate Trainer & Baker!

"Training to Increase Personal & Professional Mastery"


Roasted Squash Lasagne w. Sage & Shallots

for the roasted squash
1 kabocha squash, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1/4 inch slices
3 tablespoons olive oil
pinch sea salt
fresh ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Lay the squash slices on a rimmed baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, turn to coat, and sprinkle on the salt and pepper. Roast squash for 15 – 20 minutes, flipping halfway through, until the edges have browned and the squash is tender.

for the béchamel
6 tablespoons butter
1/3 cup unbleached all-purpose flour
2 cups whole milk, room temperature
2 cups heavy cream, room temperature
1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon sea salt

Wow can’t wait for the squash

Astrology & The GF Baking Club

It’s Sunday but the Sun is illuminating the tenth house of career and therefore a good day to focus on or take actions related to one’s work or career.  In this light I am combining my astrology clients and my baking clients in the same update.

When you time things astrologically, work with the forces of nature, you find yourself following a different schedule than is the American norm.  Ronald Reagan had a second swearing in late one night because it was more astrologically positive than the public one.  My astrology teacher married late on a Tuesday night for the same reason.

For me baking will be taking place on Monday and Wednesday this week.  Pick up will be Tuesday and Thursday. 

The offering this week is GF Bread (Specify for the Dairy Free option) and Raspberry Sugar Cookies.  Place your orders for 1/2 or whole dozen.  $7.50/$14  The GF Bread $ 7.50

I will be baking through the summer.  For people going to camp I already have orders of multiple loaves.  That is a possibility.  I personally slice my bread and freeze it after the third day.  The bread bags I use come from King Arthur and are specific for successful freezing of baked goods.  So keep this in mind.  But I do need a heads up if your needing 3 or 4 loaves.

Just another astrological tidbit.  Mercury went retrograde yesterday and won’t go direct until July 2nd.  It is a great time for writing and cleaning things up physically or emotionally.  I’m preparing for a yard sale and cleaning out the garage during this Mercury retro period.  It is a good time to look up old friends and generally just take a look back.  It is not such a great time for external communication, technology and travel.  Things tend to go wrong in these areas because Mercury rules these things and has turned within.  The energy is asking for a break.  And usually things do break.  Car problems, appliances, anything electrical that might break will during this period.  Electronic communication also tends to break down.  So I would get a lot of verbal assurances and not rely on texting or emails through July 2nd.  Nor does one buy new technology or electrical things, signs contracts or make travel plans during Mercury retrograde.  If you do have to travel expect delays or snafus. 

It’s useful to put on your calendar the dates that Mercury is retrograde through the year.  This year it’s now through July 2nd and then again October 4-25th.  Just for fun and scientific inquiry think back to the last period of Mercury retro Feb 6-28th and see if you can remember any of these things going awry ;)

Have a Beautiful Week ;)

This is what happened when I used Honeyville Farm Flour instead of Bob’s Redmill. Three batches of bread in the trash. A day a a half behind in orders

Moon in Aquarius is a Good Baking Day

Aquarius is an Air sign that allows us to tolerate and process fats better than on other days. Therefore Baking is a suitable endeavor. Of course so is seeing clients, as Aquarius is a thinking sign. My Moon in Aquarius is a good indicator of my dominant Myers-Briggs Type of Thinking. Both things require a fair level of complex thinking :)

So tomorrow Tuesday is a baking day and a Client day!

This week in Baking the following will be available:

Gluten Free Flax Bread. $ 7.50 per loaf

Pear Cardamom individual Cakes. 4.50 each

Pickup days have had to be extended from Tuesday - Saturday! So place your orders and please specify your day. Email, text or message me.

One Of these days I’ll add loads of pictures and pretty things up :)

The Nature of Ketu or the South Node in your Astrology Chart

This post has been rolling around in my head for awhile.  Ketu or the South Node of the Moon is the point where an eclipse happens.  Fittingly in your astrology chart the same thing happens.  Wherever you have Ketu things get swallowed up.  They disappear.  Ketu also causes suffering in most houses.  It increases psychic ability and phenomenon as well as creates an attitude of detachment.

For me I have Ketu in the Fourth house conjunct Mercury.  Mercury is the planet of communication and technology.  In astro speak it rules these areas of life.  The fourth house rules cars, Your Mama ;) and your house or ability to own a home/vehicles.  With Ketu here it ensures owning an old home and old cars.  It’s just the nature of it.  So I embrace these factors.  I need a vintage car and I live in an old house (1786!)  Not so bad.  I could bemoan the fact that new cars aren’t necessarily for me, or I can embrace it and keep my eye out for a beautiful older car.  The original part of my house is old, but I have a brand new addition attached to it.

With Mercury conjunct (next to) Ketu and ruling technology/communication I cannot have an electronic calendar.  It is swallowed up and in the shadows.  So no matter how many times or what I do an error occurs in the calendar.  It just happened again today.  So I don’t rely on my IPhone.  I rely on my memory most of the time.  For appointments and everything.  I also need to have paper calendars or books. I’m lucky I have a pretty developed psychic ability too because of Ketu because that is how I get an inkling about appointments that have gotten lost.

Mercury is also the intellect.  I have a very deep mind that is probing and psychic.  It makes me a good astrologer and a good yoga teacher.  I have an innate knowing about what drives people psychologically.  All gifts of Ketu.  But I am detached from My Mother, owning cars and homes.  Those are not driving factors for me.  And probably doesn’t feel so good for my Mom either :) 

But the awareness is the key.  Once I know this, once I understand the energy I can maneuver it to work for me.  Everything has a positive and negative pole.  Yoga is recognizing this and learning how to take from each side at the same time while maintaining a joyful detached mind.

Think about where in your own life things seem to get lost.  You may intuit where.  Then wonder what would each side of this pole look like?  If I have an old home, it can be a beautiful estate.  If I have an old car, it can be a beautiful vintage model.    Maybe yours is in The third house instead of the fourth.  In this case you would be detached from your siblings, maybe even your community.  On the flip side you have been given this level of detachment to be able to live over seas or away from your native environment.  It’s all a question of perception.  Perception creates your reality.

In the ancient languages of Hinduism, Hebrew and Latin the word still creates the material object.  The words we tell ourselves, our interpretation everyday of the events occurring around us, literally weaves the threads of our existence.  Quantum physics knows this, yogis know this and now you do.  Matter bends to thought.  So things may appear to be one way, old cars and houses, but with a shift in attention it can be an estate, or a fleet of vintage cars.  If you cared…;)